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The fees for a memorial page and the mourning page (incl. Obituary and condolence book) are calculated
on a flat-rate basis with the following rates and include the travel expenses to the grave site as well as GPS surveying
and photo-making of a grave site (if the grave site is in North Germany):

Memorial page (flate-rate):   Euro 49,00
Mourning page (flate-rate):  Euro 99,00

Fees for family and sponsor pages (including searches) will be billed according to working time as
well as pro rata third party fees and travel expenses.

Working hours are charged at Euro 25, - per hour (in the office as well as in archives and at grave sites).

Any fees, such as archive costs, entrance feesfilm rental fees, parking fees
and similar costs are charged at no extra charge.

A fee of Euro 1, - will be charged for each (photo) copy (eg. church registration).

For travel costs we charge flat rates, depending on the distance from Hamburg to the respective archives
to be searched (for example EZA in Berlin). In addition to this flat rate, the actual travel time is not
calculated separately. On request, you will receive information about the amount of the respective travel costs.

All prices are final prices. In accordance with § 19 Paragraph 1 of the German value added tax Act,
no VAT is levied by us and therefore not separately disclosed by us.

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