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Objective of this website

The aim of this website is to offer interested customers an Internet platform to display family data in a digital family chronicle and to save / to archive them for future generations. In a family chronicle, both past generations, as well as the still living relatives are to be taken up and updated in the future. In particular, family photos and important documents from close family members (for example, parents and grandparents) are to be collected in a family chronicle, that is, photos from different life situations and circumstances (also as children). Everything should be clearly arranged and labeled. To very old generations is to be referred only with thriftier text (too many details from far back in time could frighten young family members rather). Accompanying texts are intended to depict life pictures, which were characteristic for the ancestors and relatives. (Source definition of family chronology: Wikipedia).

In this regard we support you

  • Searches in state and church archives
  • Production of digital pedigrees and family chronicles
  • Archiving of family data on the Internet (for example, data about origin, name and place register, picture gallery, etc.)
  • Publication of digital grievances / memorial pages including obituary and digital condolence book
  • Coordinated visualization of grave sites on the Internet

Research / Regional focus

We regularly research in state and church archives of the following regions in Germany and Poland:

  • Hamburg
  • Mecklenburg
  • Lower Saxony
  • East Prussia
  • Schleswig-Holstein
  • West Prussia


No research orders can be placed via this website. We only offer an inquiry form, in which interested persons can submit their research inquiry. We will submit an offer to you, including estimated cost reimbursement, only after an audit (initial analysis of available archive stocks and cost estimation).

Type of Internet sites

Family date are available at ancestry-research.online in the form of family pages, ancestral pages, sponsor pages and memorial pages. On family pages, all relevant family data can be grouped into one family with the same family name (for example, family name: Rittmeier). The scope of services of family pages can be seen as examples:

Family names / alternative names Person Link
Bredenkamp, Breitenkamp 139 Link
Büsig, Büsing 197 Link
Kühl 127 Link
Plückhahn, Plückhan 1401 Link
Rittmeyer, Rittmeier 4142 Link
Stelte 79 Link
Subbert, Subert 164 Link

Individual members of the family can join a family page on their own sponsor site which is accessible / linkable as an independent subdomain on the Internet (e.g., sponsor Peter Rittmeier).

Several family pages may be accessible via an ancestral page, in order to present all the ancestors of a subject (eg, subject 
Manuel Rittmeier), whereby only relevant family pages from the viewpoint of the subject are linked.

Memorial pages can be created for deceased persons, who can be independently set up as an independent subdomain or integrated into family pages. Focus of the memorial sites are grave places of deceased persons (for example grave sites of the family Rittmeier).

All types of website are also accessible via their own QR codes, e.g. On house signs, invitation cards, mourning announcements or tombstones:

Beispiel Familienseite Beispiel Sponsorenseite Beispiel Gedenkseite
Family page Sponsor page Memorial page

Other products 

The work with the computer and the digitization of documents and photos, which is now accessible to all, makes it possible to produce family chronicles with a high visual value on the Internet as well as their duplication as photobooks. I offer - as required - therefore also: 

  • Family trees as large-sized wall collagen (e.g., 100 x 75 cm)
  • Family chronicle with photos and ancestral / progeny diagrams in photo books (about 21 x 28 cm)
  • Backup of scanned diagrams, photos and documents on CDs

Family trees and photobooks are made specifically for individual family members, the relationship of relatives being accurately represented in the diagrams (e.g., diagram parents and children.


Documents, photos and family data 

In order to build a family chronicle, the following documents, photos and family data are helpful 

  • Ancestral passports
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates (the documents are scanned and stored on CD)
  • Photos of individual family members from different phases of life and circumstances
    • Birth / baptism
    • Small child
    • School
    • Youth
    • Marriage
    • at work
    • in old age
    • Portrait picture for illustration in the family tree
    • Group picture with spouse and children
  • Photos of houses in which individual families have grown
  • Family data of individual family members as well as spouses
    • Date and place of birth
    • Date and place of marriage
    • Date and place of death
    • Impressive photo of the workplace / profession
    • Anecdotes (strange, unusual or comic events)

The photos from different parts of life are particularly important, one would like to see, which children ancestors possibly resembling. All photos and documents provided will be digitized and returned in the original.

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